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Has this ever happened to your business? You spend money for an ad or other marketing, and you get ZERO response. It's so frustrating—you spent your money, but you never heard from a single customer.

Wild Woman Weekend is different. At our event, you actually get a chance to meet, in person, 200 to 300 women. You can tell them about your business in person. And these women are in a good mood. One of our volunteers recently reported that she was asked by one of the women if she could recommend a “good breakfast wine!”

For as little as a $500 Sponsorship, you get

When was the last time you met hundreds of potential customers in person? Come to our event and talk to women about your business. Want to talk to us? Call Connie at 512-750-6362. Want to participate? Print out and complete our Wild Woman Weekend Sponsor Form by clicking here.

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